Apart from Bitcoin check out other crypto currencies you may buy.

2017 really been the year of crypto as prices went up very high within weeks. Investing in virtual coin mean taking a risk which might make you richest person or bring you down to rags in no time.

Some people are feeling happy as they have received a huge profit through crypto trading. But never ever go with their previous history because no one will be able to give you assurance on crypto, as it goes up and down at any time.

Still, people are busy in buying and selling bitcoins but they are missing something and that are another cryptocurrencies in the market for trading.

Recently, Bitcoin cash was gone up to $3,228 and what happens next nobody knows. So it’s better to have a proper analysis before getting in.

Here are some crypto or virtual currencies that you may buy. But it’s better to dig deep before investing even a penny.

1. Ethereum-  Most popular crypto after bitcoin. It’s price also increasing day by day as more people are interested to invest. Due to recent fork, some controversial things were out there. But Ethereum is more powerful than Bitcoin in all ways and proven by may crypto miners.

2. Bitcoin Cash– Even it’s breakaway part of bitcoin but today situation is different. Bitcoin cash is also getting a huge attraction of investors. Different online trading portals now start adding to their trading list.

3. LiteCoin(LTC)– It was launched in 2011. It was founded by a former Google engineer. It’s also has gained a huge attention of traders throughout the year and that’s why it become one of top 10 cryptos.

4. Zcash– Also, open source and decentralized cryptocurrencies. Zcash offers more security as it gives some feature of secured transaction and transparency that are recorded in the blockchain.

5. Ripple– If we see top 10 cryptos then Ripple secure 4th place. The enormous transaction is carried out every day. Can’t predict it’s further marketing but it may stand against bitcoin in upcoming days. So you can buy it but it’s a risk too.

So these were top cryptocurrencies that are currently popular in the market. In addition, there are so many other you will find on different websites.

But, again before buying any of these, it’s wisest decision to see the history. Prices never remain stable as some of the nations are considering these virtual currencies illegal.

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