Want to get adsense account approval? Then just follow these 5 steps.

Today, most of the youngsters are considering blogging as their full-time career. Some do it for their passion and rest ones including me take it as an opportunity to make money. Through this article, I will try to explain all the facts about Adsense account approval.

To be honest guys, it’s one of the easiest tasks which I have done so far. So let it be simple first and keep patience!

It’s true that Google analyzes your blog with many parameters before approving your request for Adsense account. But all you need to do is to follow Google insights and implement them on your blog. Very easy!

In fact, I wouldn’t have had to submit Adsense approval request a second time if I had followed this simple guide.

1. Unique and fresh content

If you see Google Adsense rejection survey reports then most of the time the reason for rejection was copied content. However, Google might mark down your blog for other parameters but never let you go away with copied content. Well said “Content is king” and also play a vital role in getting Adsense account approved and Make a note!

2. Add “about us” page to your blog

Every blog must have an identity to tell users what it is all about. So “about us” page would define the vision of your blog in precise form. Don’t worry you just have to write 150 or less word description about you and your blog. Add now, if you did not!

3.Post around 10 or more quality articles

High quality does not mean you have to write case studies or lengthy or SEO friendly articles. Write articles as people used to write an essay in kindergarten or higher classes. There should be at least 10 articles with unique content.

4. About blog traffic

Traffic does not really make any but impact but having a small volume of organic traffic would increase your blog’s overall value. No need to worry if you are not getting any hit since your blog is having unique blog content on your page.

5. create the page on social sites

Again, it’s not necessary to have blog profiles or pages on social sites but it would be helpful in two different ways. The first one you can drive a small fraction of traffic to your blog and second it would be beneficial for Adsense account and for SEO purposes.

So, if you are done with all above-mentioned steps then you must go on and raise a request for Adsense account right now.
If you have any query or suggestion or want to add something, please write through below comment section.
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