5 best tips to make a girl fall in love with you forever.

Love is blind as many said, but it’s also the most precious thing in this world and priceless too. There must be one person who fall in love with you forever,

In fact, there are so many ways to grab someone’s attention but that attraction will never be converted into true love.

Where do we find true love?

Finding a true love is endless journey because you don’t need to find true. Someday it will come across your way and then you will realize that.

True lover

Alright! still here are few ways you may try to make a girl fall in love with you forever. but don’t cheat her after.

  1. Be an active listener: To understand someone, first of all, you need to listen to that person calmly. whenever she has any misunderstanding about you. Just let her speak out everything and then give her proper justification.
  2. Do the things that make her happy(i mean nit illegals, never): Behaviour varies from person to person and first, you need to understand what are the likes and dislikes of the person you have been with. Once it cleared then try to do relevant things which she likes the most. but don’t be crazy okay!.
  3. Consider her as your best friend: Nobody hides anything from his best friend. so here you need to build up trust with her. Never hesitate to hide anything from her. If you do in future it may be cause for your breakup. Don’t worry, share everything with her even your financial problems. because if she understands you then your search for true love ends here.
  4. Apologize her if you do something wrong: Life is a journey where every person sees many ups and downs frequently. So if you have done something wrong which she didn’t like then don’t wait to apologize her. Definitely, she will forgive you and hug you.
  5. Keep quiet and let your eyes speak: True lovers only communicate through eye contacts. Look at her eyes with a feeling definitely, she would like that way. she would understand your feeling and finally one day she will say ‘ I LOVE YOU’.

So these were the common things but all time best to make a girl fall in love with you forever. I do understand that I must have left many more.

So guys please if you have any idea please let Let me know through comments. Hope you would find your life partner soon!


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