Spread love in this world to live a happy life.

Love is life, love is everything. Yes, indeed it’s true!
Even though we come to a long way in terms of science, engineering, and medical but one thing which we all are leaving behind and that is Love. Whenever I sit in front of my TV, news of crime, killing, robbery, theft, discrimination starts splashing on screen. Then my heart goes out and asks one thing “Did God give us this beautiful heaven to fight with each other”.
Even well qualified are not able to understand the value of love, instead, they spend their whole life in meaningless disputes to just prove that they are right.
As per Survey reports an average lifecycle of men and women is roughly 60 to 70 year and consistently decreasing every day. But unfortunately, crime rates are increasing every country.
Perhaps, it’s true in ancient the time hate crimes were also common but it’s equally true we people never try to learn from our past. Yes, the truth is bitter!
Spreading love gives you an amazing feeling which might not have got before!

1.Spread the love with a helping hand-


I 100% agree with statement “money makes mare go” but still there is the lot which it can’t buy. Money can never buy Love, happiness, and life but it can really make a difference, for instance- we can buy a meal for hungry or homeless people. Remember, what you give other reciprocate to you on another day.
At present, needy people always stay around you so you don’t have to find them. All need to do is just to help them!

2.Come forward in support-


Many innocents are being killed every day everywhere, many are discriminated, and many go out to bring dinner for their families but come back with empty hands. Many children are dying of malnutrition. Stand with needy people and fight for their right.
Another side, many people waste their food, many people spend thousands of bucks without any motive.

3.Give a helping hug and say everything will be alright-

Give a helping hand to spread love in this world

When all doors are closed then it’s believed that one always remains open and that is hope. Some people claim how they can spread the love without money. Yes, they can with a warm hug filled with love to a person who lost his everything and says he doesn’t want to live anymore. Your one supportive hug can change someone’s life and you’re too!

4.Give a priceless smile-


Life never remains stable as it goes through many ups and down. Some people think how can they spread the love without money but in fact money can’t buy love. Whenever you see a physically disabled or helpless person always give him a small.
Nobody can stay here permanently everyone is going leave sooner or later. But love is permanent and remains alive like soul.
Stay cool and keep spreading love to make this world a heaven.

Guys if you have feedback or you have done something like that in your life so far, please don’t hesitate to share through comments because it can change someone’s life too.

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