How better workplace environment can make your employees more innovative and Productive?

Everyday thousands of new companies are getting registered across the world. Many startups are hitting the ground with a new idea to innovate the world. But either it’s a giant company or a small the work environment really has a great importance in developing business. From basic communication to business meeting everything needs to be done in a better way.

What is workplace environment?

For those who do not have any idea about this. In general, it is the rules and policies of a particular company which includes address code, on floor activities, business meets, the behavior of colleagues, dedications of team members, motivated team leader, Holidays and much more.

At present, most of the companies and startups are not able to maintain a better environment in the workplace which results in a huge business loss. Even, some startups are not able to handle basic operation work.

What do people do at Google?

World leader Google gives possible leverage to its employees to make them more innovative and accurate. The company provides beans to sleep, free meals, no address code policy and much more.

On contrary, Amazon Does not provides these benefits but still recognized as the leading company with consistent growth rate? Why so

Yes! Workplace environment changes from company to company.

Every company needs to create a different and unique workplace environment which depends upon the job role and business type. Company manager and his or her associates have to decide which work environment would be better for them.

So, here you know how a good workplace environment can turn your company’s work floor into an R&D work Center.

1.Creative activities

No you would know why every company hire an activity manger which make employees to participate in various activities in order to bring more value to their work. Every organization tries to make it product more unique and powerful which is only possible with a group of creative superstars.

2. Discussions but not Arguments:-

Many organizations follow the discussion culture where every employee feels free to discuss his or her ideas, suggestion.

One thing to be noted here is!

Discussion is to find “what is Right” and Argument is to find “Who is right”. So, always try to engage in discussion.

3. One spoiled mango can make all

 There always be at least one person in every company who never gets satisfied and always make excuses. Who always find mistakes of other in order to prove He or She is better than others.

Simple solution to this is assign different duties to that person to prevent the unexpected employee conflicts on the floor.

4. Treat every employee equally

Employees belong to different races, religions and age groups so make sure that you are not hurting their sentiments.

Provide every employee equal opportunities to grow and resources to perform well.

Never ever yell at employee for poor results without knowing the facts and reason behind. Let employee justify the results and then speak.

Your organization also have some emotional employee who will never email or approach you for increment you then its became your duty to approach and them and discuss matter.

5. Professionalism- Really make sense

You can never expect this from your employee unless you are not. Keep a smile on your face even you are going in loss and respect everyone.

You can easily see professionalism in MNC’s but in small companies it still a big challenge. So make efforts and spend enough time to create such system. Once it would created it remains for many years.

Even though, I have tried to put every effort to bring in the crucial information but still there would more point which you might want to see up there. So please write me on the comments section so audience could get the right message. Thanks !

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