Top Best Series You Can Watch On Amazon Prime Video For Free

Top Best Series You Can Watch On Amazon Prime Video For Free

Amazon Prime video is basically the same video service which is offered by Amazon across the world. In Amazon prime video you can instantly watch your favorite shows, Movies on your mobile phone, computer, laptop or tablet. All you have to do is just start your 30-day trial subscription and watch your favorite shows, movies anywhere at any time with free subscription. You can also watch offline on the prime video App with subtitles. Forget about your soul mate and watch your favorite series laying down in your favorite couch with popcorns. So here I am sharing top 5 best series streaming on Amazon prime video and you will definitely love.

The Twilight Zone

Are you searching for something different to watch and bored with your daily soaps? Then watch this most loved web series the Twilight zone. The series originally kept running from 1959 to 1964 however the subjects explored are as yet relevant today. Unlike most TV shows, The Twilight Zone has another beautiful story in every episode and the ending was too good with quite twisted.

Laakhon Mai Ek

In this show the teenage guy whose father forcefully enrolls him to a coaching for IIT JEE, but the boy wants to become an mimicry artist. Since this is a copy of what is really occurring in our nation where parents compel you to pick a carrier against your wish. A lot of students in our country connect to the story.

The Wire

The Wire was initially broadcast on HBO channel and ran effectively for five seasons. A lot of popularity gained this show. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, The Wire explores the connection between the school and the law authorization. This one of the demonstrates that has praised for authenticity.

The Americans

This American web series aired by FX Channel and successfully ran for 5 seasons. In this show, two KGB officers are living in United States and they are married. The couple’s kids don’t have the real identity of their parents. Their neighbor is a FBI agent who works for counterintelligence department. So start watching this series today with lots of suspense.

Twin Peaks

If you love horror stories then you will definitely love this series. Twin Peaks basically a horror-crime story that kept running for two seasons but for some reasons it got cancelled and did not gained good TRPs. Throughout the years, the show has gained a cult following and is considered one of the best TV series of all time. So if you want to see what Twin Peaks is all about then you can watch this series on Amazon Prime.

Just Add Magic

Simply Add Magic depends on the book by Cindy Callaghan. Kellie, Darbie and Hannah founded a ancient book. The name of the formulas in the book is weird. When a girl cooks a shortcake recipe from the book, Kelly’s sibling can’t talk after eating a piece of cake. The girls understand that the recipes in the book are mystical spells. They have to oppose their impulses to use magic spells to take care of their daily life problems.


An FBI agent is proclaimed dead when she pursues a notorious serial killer. She is found in a lodge following 6 years with no memory. Find out what occurs after she returns back home and is held suspect for different crimes. Watch this series with your family and friends with lots of suspense and thriller.

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