How AI and Machine Learning would change the way of living?

Prediction about AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are redefining the way of living by making everything possible without human’s effort. This field not just has created jobs but also has a disadvantage as their labor would not be required anymore.
Generally, AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by electronic components and machines like computer systems.

What is AI?

John McCarthy is known as the founder of AI, He is an American computer scientist and 1956 at The Dartmouth Conference this term was coined. Today, it is an umbrella term that encompasses everything from normal machine to the robotic work. Due to its exposure, many scientists are also using it in medication researches.

What is Machine Learning?

As per information available, In 1957 Frank Rosenblatt invented the Perceptron at the Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory which further accepted by various companies.

Machine learning is the part artificial intelligence which makes systems to automatically start learning and improve from experience without any coding or programming. Machine learning gives emphasis on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves.

AI and Machine Learning are going to redefine this world:

There would be numerous benefits once this technology is fully implemented everywhere. At present, the incidents of cyber attacks are increasing every day across the world as recently hackers spread a bug on the server to take the control of the computer systems which hold very specific and valuable information. Such attacks have already exposed the vulnerabilities in our infrastructure.

1 The double-edged sword for cyber threats:

AI would help govt. agencies and companies to protect their databases from cyber threats as it has the ability to tackle this problem.

In 2008, a plane carrying passengers was crashed due to Trojan Horse Attack on the computer system which was used to monitor technical problems in the airplanes. And so on!

Now many companies and nation are designing cybersecurity software which would deal with cyber threats more quickly than human beings. AI would recognize the attack in advance and act accordingly. But time will tell when this project would be ready.

Content creation and Delivery:

The demand for content is ever increasing and it’s hard for writers to keep apace with it. So here AI and ML come into act by producing quality content without any kind of human intervention.

Even no need to organize the content, with AI and ML it would get organized itself.

In future, companies no need to have salesperson as AI would resolve the problem in the real-time and help the customers without any delay.

More improvement in Robotic Work:

In recent years, many new inventions in the Robotic industry were observed. With AI and Machine Learning scientist can make Robots smarter on taking the decision even they can outperform human beings. Moreover, machine learning application would help them grasp more knowledge to respond well.

Medical Treatments:

AI would play an important role in the medical industry as many companies and startups are working to produce a machine or software which could provide all required to the patient without the help of the doctor.

Even it could do some critical surgeries without any support.

This would be much beneficial many patients would be able to get health treatment when Doctors are not present. This can save many lives!

Other application which currently running in the market:

  1. NetFlix: This media application provides customer movies and Tv series on the behalf of customer’s likes, interest, and previous history. This application uses ML and AI to predict what customer would like without being programmed.
  2. Tesla: Who does not know about this self-driving car with sheer technology? Tesla has made a history in AI and Robotic science by providing unbelievable features in the car.
  1. Siri: every apple or iphone mobile users are well versed with this application. This app is so smart as it answers everything instantly.

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