Which Top SEO tools can help you to grow your business?

Top SEO tools
Best SEO tools for 2018

However, there are numerous SEO tools are out there but here are Top 10 tools which you can use without any second thought.

Every day new bloggers are hitting the market to be a superstar in digital marketing and existing bloggers can’t survive long unless they do smart work.

Actually, most successful bloggers rely on different SEO tools for instance if they are using certain tool for link building then they use another one for keyword planning.

Definitely, it works?

The simple key to increasing your brand value follow your competitors and then overtake them by delivering excellent services.

These SEO tools help you to know about the important keywords and competitor’s backlinking strategies.

Few tools are available for free of cost, so you can use without burning a hole in your pocket.

Here are the Best SEO tools for 2018.

1. Google Analytic-

Here are the best SEO tools

Almost every company using this tool to not just checking online traffic but also the interest of users. With the help of Google analytic tool, you can best result to users. This tool would let you know how many users are visiting your page and how much time they spend on your site. you would also get to know about location, age, and gender of the users. By analyzing this information, you can your website a better place to attract more users.


How you can grow business

Trusted by so many bloggers, tool is used to improve search ranking. This tool offers free as well paid SEO service. This is one of the best tools for backlinking. This tool is mostly used by large Digital marketing and SEO companies for their clients. As Ahre is the best tool to get to know about the competitors

3. Pitchbox-

Even though, it’s not an SEO tool but can also help you with link building. If you want to setup follow up emails then must use. This is a paid tool but make your job just like a cake walk.

4. Seed Keywords-

One of the best keyword research tools. Here you can have what online users are looking for. So, it tells you right keywords and phrases.

5. SEOptimer-

One of the free tool to check the overall ranking of the website. This free SEO tool will tell you about the speed of your website along with different parameters. This can really help you in growing your business.

6. Built With-

It helps you in getting information about different websites. You can know about hosting services, technology, shopping cart, analytic of these websites

7. SemRush-

Semrush the best SEO tool ever

Tool can help you in getting key analytic information of competitor’s website. SEO tool shows you for which keywords website is ranking high in different countries. So, you can easily follow your competitor with specific keywords and backlinking.

8. Moz SEO tool:

Moz Seo Tool

It is known as the best keyword planner. All your keyword research in one tool. Its open site explorer facilitates you in comparing your site with your competitor for intelligent link building.

9. Long Tail Pro-

The most prominent tool in SEO field. It will provide the best keyword which you may use for better Google ranking. You can grow your business by reaching out to more people.

10. Yoast WordPress SEO Tool-

Best Seo tools for wordpress websites

If you are using WordPress platform then Yoast SEO tool is best for you. This tool really helps you in posting a well SEO blog in terms of word strength, keywords, meta title, heading etc.

11. Keywords Tool

This plays an important role in ranking at the higher position in SERP. SEO copywriters need a plenty of keywords to sprinkle in the content, so this tool helps them a lot. Very easy to use and provides you a fascinating list of thousands of related keywords.

12. Majestic- Best tool to check backlinks

Backlinking considered as the backbone of SEO, so this tool would help provide you with an opportunity to get backlinks by fetching the backlinking report of your competitor. This tool is paid but also provide you free subscription on signing up.


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