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Best Tips:To Have A “Happiest Life” Forever

People do have different experience to share  about “Happiest Life” but all have some common scenarios to live a “Happiest Life” forever .according to different scholars life is a beautiful journey ,where you go through different states to taste a different kind of life but it’s spontaneous process which never halt but ends .

Everyone makes efforts to live a “Happiest Life ” but they just desire the temporary things  ,which can bring happiness into our life but not for throughout the life . different surveys were carried out by 100 of surveys agencies and it was made clear that super luxurious life can not give you a full happiness even tough, it may give you a temporary comfortable life.

Here are 5 things that reveal the mystery about the happiest life ,here we go.

 1. Inner piece brings happiness and  assures a “happiest life “

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If you wondering for happiest life then your ends here as “Inner peace ” brings a precious happiness into your life which is priceless ,no one can buy thus but everyone can earn this ,now there might be questions where can we get it but want tell you it is “formless ”

To get it all you need to do just close your eyes and look into yourself to remember all those negative things which made your life worst and then make you realize that everything that happened with you was just a night mare ,feel like a new born ,who does not know anything about past .if you have done something with others make confession and apologize  them .

2. Try to help Needy People

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If  you think your life is worst and you don’t to live your life anymore ,then take a look on needy people you will realize the value of your life , without thinking twice just start helping other without any reward and the within a  moment you will realize that ,now you have done the thing you were made for

Helping others gives us an inner piece which further converted into the “happiness” and it’s a long lasting happiness whenever you remember you would feel relaxed.

3.Always try to wear a smile on your face


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Wearing a smile always on your face not just  teaches you , how to live a happiest life but also make other feel happy about you ,which further lead you a to conversation with strangers and you share your feelings with them . Life is not predictable so instead of worrying about the future ,live the present and keep you happy as much you can



4.Sharing  Your Feeling With others a way to “happiest life “

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If you have some trusted friends then share your feelings with them and tell about your life ,mishap, bad things .sharing  feelings with others not just provides you instant relaxation but also bring happiness you realize there is someone who can hear you . you can remember that person who listen you in your bad time and forwarded his helping hand .


5.Do the Things which you love to do

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Whenever you feel that , you are not happy with your profession, work ,then you should quit without thinking twice because when passions becomes profession it gives you more name and fame. some people make their life worst as they do not really want to do certain work but they have to continue with lot of frustration and it leads to a hypertension which prevents happiness from your life

Several studies have found that only 10% people across the world only convert their passion into profession and they lead a happiest life .

Where the “Motivation” comes from

“Motivation” describes about the behavior of an individual and make them to repeat the same action again and over again . the 21’st century ,where everyone  wants to expand or grow his business,wealth, name within a limited time span . hopeless person needed to get motivated ,  as a person bear a heavy lose in the business and a job seeker got rejection many times from different companies . only thing you need to care about here is “motivation “, which decides you future score and makes you to keep on trying unless you succeed.

so what’s next?

Everyone fells heavy depressed  as he faces another failure but it does mean that we should stop trying ?  i say “NO” you should find the gap actually .

Some asked an Entrepreneur what is failure , he says that it assures that your are very close to your destination and you should once more with a different strategy . does he say right?

 #Keep the hope alive 

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People usually become hopeless after getting a failure in their life, but if you are an opportunistic  person then you will not loose hope which will further came up as the motivation. all the successful people take failure as an opportunity to have a new experience but without getting sacred and this is way we can keep our motivation level high.


 # Go Out For a Short Walk

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Many Researches have found that after getting failure person normally gets angry and feels alone in the world which could you to  hypertension or serious brain problems ,so to get rid of it feeling motivated , should go out for  a walk which gives relaxation to our mind and you start again thinking about the future and feel motivated when you see how other people  like how they are working hard to live a better life then you got a reason to live and start seeking an opportunity again.


#Do Some Physical Activities  

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With, Physical activities you  can take control of your lost mind as after the physical activity you body and mind both become fresh and this is most precious time where you set your goals again  and get back to the work . with physical activity our body also fell relaxed as it free from the different worries.

 #Focus On Your Dream And Stay Positive

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All people normally have question how the “Entrepreneur” are different from other people and the answer is they always stay themselves focused on the goals they entertain the failure because with that they learn new way to success ,they find what is key to success by thinking most of the time  about the positive things, which matters the most . so, always think big and make an efficient strategy to accomplish task to get the intended results .

#Track Your Progress

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Tracking your each days activities is one of the key aspect which make you justified by showing ,are you making full making effort as required or not and that is professional tip that every entrepreneur gives at the very first moment .so track your daily output and if you can do little bit more than required that leaves remarkable appreciation and make you fell motivated .

#Set Short Term Goals 

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Short term goals gives you a leverages , like you do not need to depend upon the outside factors which are not your under control ,also reveals how much you are passionate about your desired goals and what efforts are making to get the job done . you must set a short term goal ,which may achieved  easily or take time depends upon you ,like how much practice are doing . by achieving short terms goals you get motivated and experienced then further you may set long term goals .







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