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Things you need for nail arts:

different reminder nail polishes of your alternative
1. Thin paint brush or officer pins (in case if your style involves dots)
2. Scotch tape or bowed stringed instrument tape
3. A combine of scissors
4. Round formed band aid (if you’re doing a semi-circle design)


Tips to stay in mind once applying nail art

Nails ought to be showing neatness manicured before painting. If your natural nails square measure too short or bitten down, think about applying acrylic nails before painting your style.

You would ought to work as quick as attainable, since nail varnish dries rather quickly. be at liberty to combine glitter into the polish colors before painting your nails. attempt victimization adhesive stones to enliven a straightforward motif.

To make your styles last longer (since you’ve place in most effort into it), apply a coat of clear nail varnish each 2 or 3 days. Don’t use your nails as room tools and wear gloves once doing tasks which will cause harm to your nails.

It’s best to use a Q-tip and nail varnish remover to wash any polish application mistakes.
Remember, nail art is like makeup – there aren’t any RULES! you wish to undertake out belongings you like and customize it to your alternative.



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