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Secret to Whiter Teeth- Mom Discovers Simple Trick To Whiten Teeth - Best Tips Forever

Secret to Whiter Teeth- Mom Discovers Simple Trick To Whiten Teeth

Susan, an elementary school teacher and mother of 2 discovers how to whiten your teeth for “less” than what it would cost for a meal at a fast food restaurant.

Why should whitening your teeth be expensive? Susan didn’t think it should. So now she wants to share with the world exactly how she did it.

How Susan Whitened Her Teeth Within Just a Few Days

Susan, a middle class mom, always looking out for the best interest of “budget”. Nobody wants to break bank in attempt to whiten your teeth. Visits to the dentist to bleach your teeth can get very expensive fast and can break the budget.

But Susan discovered that using 2 cheap teeth whitening products that gave her immediate noticeable results and whitened her teeth by more than 4 shades in just 6 days. This inexpensive solution (only a few dollars) worked the equivalent to 3 Professionally done Teeth Bleaching visits, which could cost more than $1,000 out of pocket.

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Susan is not the only one who’s got such stunning results after using Elite White whitening gel. In fact, so many people of all ages began using Elite White to whiten their teeth. This hit the news medias fast, creating a lot of hype across America.

And because of rapid results people are seeing after using Elite White, it quickly became Dentists # 1 Recommended Solution to Whiten Teeth. Ant not to mention, you get to try it out for only a few dollars

Illumi White is the other product (a whitening pen) that Susan used to help whiten her teeth. Illumi was compared in a study by a group dentists, against competitor products like Crest 3D White, Colgate Visible Wash, and Aquafresh.

Not only is Illumi White much less expensive to try than most competitors, but it hands down beat all the competitors when it came to results. Illumi White contains 35% Carbamide Peroxide, which has been proven work more effectively whitening teeth than Hydrogen Peroxide, which is found in traditional teeth whitening products

More and more dentists across the country who “truly care” about their patients are recommending Elite White and Illumi White to whiten their teeth. Because it is a much cheaper alternative to your whiten teeth than the use of expensive bleaches done professionally by the dentist. Not mention could leave an awful taste in your mouth days after using.

Both Elite White and illumi White have a very pleasant taste, leaving your mouth tasting and smelling fresh, and also let’s not forget a brighter and whiter smile!



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