Make Your Life Easier By Finding Lost And Misplaced Valuables IN Seconds

New Little Device Let’s You Easily Track And Find Anything With Your Smartphone (In Seconds)

Life is filled with daily challenges, finding lost and misplaced items doesn’t have to be one of them!

Have you ever noticed you have the most trouble finding your keys, wallet or phone when you’re in a rush? Each annoying second you search for them feels like 10 agonizing minutes! Frustration boils over to anger as you hunt high-and-low…AGAIN!

Losing and misplacing our valuables is incredibly maddening, but it’s a common problem WE ALL deal with on a daily basis.

TrackR is the slimmest and most effective item-tracker device. About the size of a coin, it attaches to valuable items that people worry about losing or misplacing. It can be looped through a key ring, placed in your wallet, stuck to a laptop or bike, or even attached to your dog’s collar.


‘Losing And Searching’ Doesn’t Have To Be The Norm!

Did you know, according to The Independent and Newsweek, the average person wastes about 16 to 55 minutes EVERY DAY searching for misplaced things, like our keys, wallet, remote, phone, tools, purse, and more?

That’s roughly 1 to 3 Years of our life GONE, because we can’t find things!


Whether we’re running out the door to work, scrambling from one place to the next for our kids, or bouncing from one social event to another, keeping track of all our valuables is challenging – especially as we get older!

With no good solution to quickly find things, misplacing our stuff and wasting time searching for them has become something we just accept as a part of our daily routine.

But it doesn’t need to be!


Now You Can Find Any Misplaced Item – In Seconds!

What if searching for your keys or wallet didn’t mean freaking out almost every morning and instead meant simply pressing a button and finding them in seconds? What if it was an incredibly affordable solution? That would be awesome, right?

Well, that solution is here and it’s called TrackR!

Everyone here agrees it’s the absolute BEST tracking device we’ve ever used!

Easy To Use

Attach TrackR to any valuable item, download and open their FREE app. on your iPhone, or Android, and just like that you’re tracking your important things – it’s easy and intuitive!

Find Important Things Fast By Simply Using Your Smartphone!


Once you’ve attached the physical trackers to your items, you download the app to your phone or computer. This allows you to easily locate your chosen items whenever you need to, simply by clicking a button. The TrackR app is available for both iPhone and Android devices (iPhone 4s & later, iPad 3rd Generation & later, Android 4.4 & later with Bluetooth Low Energy).

TrackR Is Even A Great Way To Keep Your Best Friend Safe!


Microchips go out of date and require trips to the vet to be effective. GPS trackers need to be charged to work, and they can be costly. Not with TrackR!

Simply replace your normal dog tag with TrackR and engrave it with his name, address and phone # (you can do this on their website)! Now that’s peace-of-mind for you and your best friend!

Here’s what happy TrackR users are saying…

“I can’t stress it enough how much I love this product” – Cheyenne Y.

“The app is very intuitive and easy to use. Overall great buy!” – Amber M.

They also make a cool, unique gift idea for friends, family or even co-workers!

So HURRY and get yours while you can!  These little life savers are getting snatched up FAST because right now TrackR is offering great savings when you buy more than one!




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