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Have you ever felt your child is not studying properly?’ or ‘Do you feel you are not competent enough to teach your child?’ or ‘Are you looking for best methods of teaching your child?

If you are looking for answers for any of above or all of above questions then this article is a must read for you. Want to know how to teach your child effectively, then follow these 5 ways:


First step is to develop a friendly relation with child. As a mother we have to get strict with kids sometimes and sometimes soft. But it is equally important to be your child’s friend, only then child will be able to share his feelings. To develop this kind of relationship you have to step into their shoes. E.g. – Play cricket with them, be part of their pretend and play game sometimes. It’s so much fun to be child sometimes isn’t it. Kids will surely this new persona of mother. Teaming up is great exercise to begin with your child eductaion sessions.



Make study time simply fun time and creative. You can introduce topic with a game or story or an experiment. E.g. – When I have to introduce an alphabet to my child, I begin with showing an Audio-visual of the same, then followed colouring sheet of that and so on.

Use your creative skills and you can have plenty of methods. You can also try ‘experiential’ or hands on learning method for your child. For example while teaching about germination (in biology) you can let your child grow sprouts and then child can actually see how seeds germinate what are parts of seed and so on. Following such methods will not only make study time interesting but also making learning permanent. Child will never have to cram anything as learning becomes stronger with visuals. This must be experienced by you also, like if you hear a story and watch a movie, impact of movie will stay longer and you will be able to recall movie better than story heard.


Make study time, interaction time. Ask lots of questions and let your child ask too. Query or curiosity is first step of learning. As kids are getting smarter these days you might find that you don’t know certain answers. So you can tell your child that you will check and tell answer after referring. Don’t just snap them by saying ‘You ask so many questions’ or ‘This is not related to topic’. Such statements might discourage child and she/he may lose interest in topic. Before beginning a new topic always ask what does child know about it? It will give you a basis to begin conversation about that topic.

Interactions while studying make it a two way learning process. You can also learn so many things from your child.


Teaching kids is not always about making them study or explaining the topic but it also involves guiding and rewarding kids. Make your child independent let them explore more and gather knowledge themselves. Help them in setting goals and framing steps too. You can guide them through steps, while letting them work independently.

Most important is encouraging the child for making efforts and taking initiatives. Rewarding is good but don’t make it a habit for child. Sometimes a gentle pat on their back or appreciation by applaud can work wonders.

Grown up kids don’t need much of your attention in studies, in fact they like to study themselves, but yet your responsibility does not end here. You can always discuss and interact about studies. If required you can motivate them or share some of your experiences of self learning.


Nobody wants to study whole day, so let your child have fun too. Just fix up timings for studies for child, like 1 hour in a day. Then accordingly child will be prepared and not feel burdened. Increasing duration will not help as if child is not interested then she won’t be paying attention and your effort will go waste. So let them enjoy studies, don’t force studies on them.



It is said ‘Home is first school and Mother is first teacher for a child’. This statement is so true. As right from giving birth to acquiring skills of sitting, walking, jumping, talking; everything is taught to child by mother. So dear mothers you are the most important and best teacher for your kids. No one knows your child better than you, so time to get into action, just follow these simple effective steps. These are just simple basic ways that I have used or gathered from my surroundings. Do share your best ways for teaching kids?

Every mother wants that her children excel in everything and mothers toil so hard to achieve this. I hope this blog could serve as small help for you. Do share how you found this article in comments below!

Take Care Mommies!



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