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Top 5 mobiles phones in the USA market :Samsung and iphone

As iPhone and Samsung both are leader in smartphone brand share market in the USA, so different sort of smartphones are available in the market and some of them are ready to hit the market soon. Apple is still is a leader in the smartphone market share as it holds around 40% market share in the USA and Android phones market share is also growing each year as Samsung stands at the second position in smartphone market share.

So here are the top 5 mobile phones are being used by the largest number of people.

iPhone 7iPhone 7,Top 5 Mobile Phones ,Samsung mobiles ,Samsung and iPhone

It was released on 16 Sep 2016 and since then a huge number of customers using iPhone 7.The iPhone 7 added features like better cameras and water resistance, all in that familiar body.

iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone and Samsung mobiles phones , latest mobiles , top 5 mobiles in USA , top smartphones

It has an almost same feature as iPhone 7 with an additional telephoto lens on the iPhone 7 Plus model to provide enhanced zoom capabilities. Apple also going to launch it iPhone 8 soon, as it is rumored to be the week of September 4 or September 11, 2017.

Samsung GalaxyS8iPhone and Samsung phones ,top 5 mobiles phones in market, latest iphones and Samsung

This is Samsung’s one of the best phone ever, phone has brilliant features, which makes Samsung Galaxy S8 a complete smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy S7iPhones and Samsung latest 5 phones , to 5 mobile phones in USA, top 5 mobiles in USA ,

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge both are the Latest phone and still are being sold across the country. Both phones have a positive response from its users. 3600mAH lithium-ion battery providing talk-time of 27 hours on 3G networks.For more, you can visit Samsung Official Website.

Samsung NoteSamsung and Iphones , top 5 mobiles in market .latest mobiles in the usa , top 5 smartphones in the usa

Samsung Note has a great history in Smartphone revolution because comes along with HD windows, Multi Windows,64 GB internal storage etc.

So Here were the top 5 mobiles phones,morever you may have plenty of other option while you buy smartphone as competitors are coming up with the latest technology each day.