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Few things to know before purchasing a used car

If you are planing to buy a used car ,then you should know the few things before purchasing so that you could get satisfied with your deal . buying a used is a hard but with a proper guidance it can turn into a wise deal,so while purchasing a used cars you have to view it from different perspective as compare to purchasing a brand new car. Huge number of used cars are being exchanged in the USA each years ,so you will be having many options in terms of brand ,location, prices etc.all you need to do just follow the below given steps while purchasing a used car.

Here are the basics things to know about Purchasing a used car :-

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Here are different points to be noted while purchasing used cars so that you can make best deal ever

Prepare a list of cars ,you want to buy:- 

make a list of different cars ,you intended to buy ,it will give the idea about the price variation along with brands and locations. by having analysis on car prices you can easily negotiate with dealer while making purchase so here are the best used car websites you can use and get information.


Take a look at your budget:-

Once you are done with the price range of different cars ,now it’s time to take a look at your budget so that you can make best deal while purchasing a used car. choose a best car which you can afford according to your budget , you can also top 5 cars and then do a comparison ,which show you different results about the used cars .

Find Location of use cars :-

Try to find out used cars nearest to your  location  because you can visit seller’s location in short time for making a best deals . some seller sells their car for less price , they might need money ,so such deals are required to be done in hurry .you have to go for the inspection ,if you may afford a trusted mechanic it would be wise .

Get Seller on the call:-

Find the contact number of the seller and let him know that you are interested in deal ,and ask him few questions like :-

Is the vehicle 4 Wheel Drive? is it in running condition?

Do you have a clean Carfax?

Has it ever been repainted?

Are there any signs of smoking or pets?

Do all the windows and locks work?

Do all of the lights, wipers and stereo work?

Has it been through some accident?


such sort of questions you may ask seller over the call ,just assure that the base is clear , should move furthur.

Take  Test Derive Before Purchasing A  Used Car:-

With a proper test drive you would know about running condition of the car , as i said earlier if you can afford a mechanic then ask him to take a test drive , who further  would give  you specification about the car .

Scan Car For Internal Parts :

At this point of time you must have a mechanic with you ,who can check the mechanical parts of the car,rolling back of the odometer  for you and will bring the facts into your consideration ,so try to hire an experience car mechanic ,barely it will cost you around $100 but save a lot money of you .

Make Best Deal:-

Once You go through above mentioned Tips ,the seller will certainly get confused and will not try to be smart in-front of you .so try to make a best deal as you have a lot more buying options .so always follow the above steps while purchasing a used car .

Complete paper work

Paper works happens once the deal is done ,so as per seller claimed verify all the document related to the used car .if anything thing found incomplete ,tell the seller to get it clear then you will purchase

one thing to be noted ,if you are Canadian and want to import car from USA then you have to deal with different govt. department because all the US vehicles  are not admissible  in Canada  but you can use vehicles after some modification as per Canadian law . so importing vehicles include taxes ,duties and manufacturing cost.

So here was the guide for purchasing a used car and if you have more query please leave a comment below ,i am happy to help you

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